28/12/04 - My heart goes out to all the victims of the Tsunami & Earthquakes in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and Somalia.. That was so sad.. Cant stop watching Cnn and Sky News.. Thank God Phils was safe, some of my family are there.. So I must be grateful for my life.. however shit its going like now, I know there are people suffering without shelter, food and family.. :((

Anyways today saw The Incredibles!!! It was really good I thought. Not really for kids though hehe. One Tree Hill comes back Jan 7th!! NOOOO Oh James!! Must watch Phantom of the Opera, Meet the Fockers, Raise ur Voice and Bridget Jones II! Ooh Cold Creek Manor is on foxtel box office, looks really scary though.

In kind of a thuggish mood haha- obsessed with G Unit- Wanna get to know you, Horace Brown- Shake it up, Llyod Banks- Ride wit u.. Mario Winans & Foxy Brown- Pretty Girl bs..

Well it's nearly the end of another year.. I guess it's time for my annual celebrity polls list for 2004!:

Best Films: A Cinderella Story, The Notebook, National Treasure,
Songs: Usher- Yeah!, Maroon 5- This Love & She will be Loved, Hoobastank- The Reason, Jessica Simpson- Angels, Britney Spears- Toxic, Ashlee Simpson- Pieces of me, Beyonce- Naughty Girl, Christina Milian- Dip it Low, J Kwon- Tipsy, Bep- Lets get retarted, Ryan Cabrera- On the way down, Alicia- Aint got you, D12- My Band, Eminem- Just lose it, Yellowcard- Oceans Ave!, Destinys- Lose my breath
Annoying Songs- Outkast- Hey ya, Jojo- Leave, Eamon- Fck it,
Newcomer Actors- Justin Bertha ( National Treasure), James Lafferty! ( One Tree Hill), Andy in Apprentice
Newcomer Actress- Rachel Bilson! ( OC),
Newcomer Singers- Ryan Cabrera, Ryan Key!!, Doug Robb ( Hoobastank), Adam Levine
Newcomer Band- Yellowcard!, Maroon 5
Newcomer Shows- One Tree Hill!!, OC!!, Amazing Race
Neglected celeb- Dunky!!! Im soo sorry Love u!!
Enough Already!- Madonna.. Casey Donovan! ( dont get me started!)
Concerts been- Michael Buble!, Timbers,
Stars met- Jamie Cullum!!

Ok thas all can think of for now..

PS- Why is that you can never have wat u want ( and u take too long to decide and then it's too late), but wat's right in front of you, you don't want???

*Loving- Jamie Cullum- Get a kick out of you and 20 Something!!


18/12/04- Hurrah its the wkd!!! 1 more week till xmas!!! Still swooning over my Jamie encounter lol.. Got my Good Charlotte tix!! Arghh!!! cant wait man.. will see my Love Joely next feb!! HOW GOOD was One Tree Hill!! I Love it!


15/12/04- HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY TO ADAM BRODY!!! ( Seth, OC)

Omg Good Charlotte is coming here next Feb!! Arghhhh!!! how am I supposed to get tix when at freekin work?? Aww my Joely!!! I want to see him live soo bad,,, and also Yellowcard of course.. I want a photo with Joel, Ryan & Sean from YC, Buble...

Delta is moving to USA!!! Good on her actually.. she got a cameo role in hit show North Shore.. hopefully we should have it soon... How good was One Tree Hill on Fri!!! I love it soo much!! and SnOC was excellent too! nice twist on the ginger girl ! Yes up to date with America bwhahhaha..

9/12/04- Today the Gods were smiling down on me cos I met Jamie Cullum!!LaughingHe was at Bondi Westiefields so I took a a sickie and checked him out as I couldnt get tix last time..He was soo amazing! He performed Everlasting Love, Frontin', get a kick out out of you,. And then when he signed my cd he posed for a photo with me!!! And HE voluntarily put his arm around me ( never washing that cardie again)...!! Arghhhhh!! Will post the pix soon... We are meant to be because:

- Were both shorties
- and halfies?
- Same age.. :)))

Ok being dumb sorry I'll stop dreaming now

Omg Sean from Yellowcard is Irish / Japanese!! Go the halfies! Ryan's bday is Dec 17th!! .. Seeing Jamie Cullum tomoa!!! Arghhhhh!!!! Cant wait..


Saw National Treasure!! I really enjoyed it, great suspense.. Nic Cage is really good and found another hott guy- Justin Bartha think.. Diane Kruger is soo HOTT.. How good was Apprentice also! Aww Raj left but cutie Andy is still is the running.. madd Trump gave them free jewellry! talk about bling bling haha. His fiance is absolutely stunning! I fukn cant stand that new one in OC with Ryan- Lindsay.. she is so fugly! Saying she looks like Lohan is an insult! Shes so blah boring and too plain.. Bring back Ana!! Josh Schwatz is gorgeous also..

new couples- Paris & Andy Roddick?, Paris & Joshy Duhmel? Geez I didnt know Josh Duhmael went out with Fergie from BEP??..

Let me add my disgust about Casey Donovan winning AI2.. I sed it before and I'll say it again.. ok singer yes. Idol? absolutely NOT!! Fukn hell.. def boycotting it next year, no wonder Dicko left.. Congrats to Anthony for getting a record deal!

Spotted- Shiri Appleby in One Tree Hill theme song video! ( Gavin DeGraw- I dont wanna be) Scotty doesn't know is also in it..

Finished doing screncaps of my new Love Ryan Key from Yellowcard of Way Away.. can't stop playing Yellowcard Love it!- Ocean ave, Way Away, Breathing, Only you..

I am obsessed with fan arts! Esp of tv shows OC, Smallville, Roswell and One Tree.. LOVE James Lafferty! Omg! only seen the first 3 eps of One Tree so far, but want to see more! 10 will probs show it next century!! He is so dreamy.. right up there with my other Loves Joely, Ryan Key.. Anyways! Tonight is Satc finale! get ur hankies ready! And Friends is nearly ending also,, Aww!

Ooh Adam Brody was on Conan! I think hes alrite looking now in season II, his hairs not bouffay at least.. Omg I cant believe Casey made the final! VOMIT! I just cant like her.. she may be a really great singer but honestly how can she be a pop idol?.. And its not cos shes big cos Courtney is and I like his style ok! It looks like she hasnt bathed in weeks so has cooties.. and that hair is atrocious! Have normal hair geez.. and her outfits.. You're not going to a funeral? get a clue! So hopes are with Anthony of course.. I'm not watching the final im boy cotting it!! Just not the same as last year with Guy & Shannon is it??.. better luck next year peoples! get some talent please! Bring back Rikki Lee!

Ohh how good was Apprentice last night!! I Love it!! Double episode yeahh!! Are we up to USA yet?? maybe that's what 9 is trying to do... I don't want to look at the site and spoil myself of who gets fired.. I like Anthony he's soo cute! Harvard Grad aye hmmz.. and Raj is nice also... Sukt in that bossy Pamela on an ego trip got fired. She got what she deserved! How chuffed were the guys for playing with Kournikova! ( maybe they could have taught her how to play harhar)

My sis ordered our OC shirts!! I'm getting a Ryan one in Katakana, and she's getting a Captain Oats one LOL.. should be coming soon! And also our OC & Smallville III dvd!!! Now want to get American Dreams Season I & Tru Calling!! Can't believe W channel is just starting American Dreams.. It's already up to Season III in States fark!! And think Tru is getting canned Cry aww love that show! How can I see gorgeous Harrison!!! I hate living in Sydney were so behind in tv shows, movies & music dammit.. will pack my bags for Cali ( "Here we comeee!!! " hehe).. once sort out my finances!!

How cool how Sophie Monk is in Blink's new vid! She's so gorgeous.. cool vid also.. Mark hmmz..

New songs: Eminem- Just lose it, Rooney- Shakin!, Danni- You won't forget about me ( sounds like Kylie?), Lindsay- Rumours, Mario- Let me Love you, Chingy- Bella Baby, Alicia & Usher- If ain't got u... & My Boo!!

Ohh right Satc on tonight! Love that show.. Also Friends.. but missed loads of neu ones so might wait until can watch on dvd..

Congrats to Bush for winning again!! I would be a proud Republican also if I was American and could vote.. When someone wins, someone has to lose.. and that is John Kerry of course.. All those Democrats esp the celebs.. all that campaigning went to waste I'm afraid.. Oh wells maybe in another 4 years.. hey who knows, I may be able to vote! California.. here I come!!

Arghh can't believe missed Tru Calling again! So pist.. is on Tues at 11pm geez.. my sis finally ordered OC and Smallville III of Amazon! Should be here around December.. Amazon's quite good. my family friend from US before gave me a free gift voucher so I was being gay and got Tabitha's Passions of Harmony book LOL and Amy Jo Johnson's cd wtf??.. Anyways.. Apprentice and Kath & Kim were soo good tonight!!

Arghh!! OC II debuted today in USA!!! Oz will probs get it next year!!!


Happy Halloween! Oz doesn't really celebrate it.. I guess I dont care anymore as Im not 6 years old.. and I can buy my own candy thankyou. Plus I am really terrified of horror films.. Freddy, Jason Lives, Hellraiser, Chucky, Excorcist face, those types I cannot ever watch. Anyways enough of that making me scared..

Last night I dreamt of Joely Madden??  Yes a sign.. we were meant to be.. We were watching tv together and I kept teasing him about being in GC, and he had 1 green eye and 1 blue like Kate Bosworth LOL..

I just found out that I make nicks for my celebs- Joely ( Joel Madden), Jakey ( Jake Gyllenhaal), Dougy ( Doug Robb ), Shawny (Shawn Reaves), Kiany ( Kian Egan).. Kind of like my pet names harhar..

Oh my.. Just saw Lindsay Lohans new video clip for Rumors- What a skank! I like her but it doesn't mean you have to follow Britney, Christina et al in your choice of vid.. boobs hanging everywhere! And shes only young.. Not to compare but Hilary is decent in her clips yet more class.. Buy some clothes Lohan!! Ooh Oz was quite the place to be this week for Hollywood- Esp on Rove- Mandy Moore!, Hilary!, Renee! I didn't know Mandy was in town.. Seen Saved already hehe ok film, wouldnt watch again though.. Wish went to Hilary's concert now. It's the sisters fault, I asked her on the day tix went on sale, and she goes nahh don't bother.. Well guess who was looking for tix last night erm.. Row V! I dont think so.. next time Hil..

The Scandal!: Delta vs Paris over Philipousis! Of course Delta and Mark would break up, anyone can see they are not compatible.. No offence but Mark desrves Paris.. Dont worry Delta Im sure there's a nice Aussie guy for you somewhere! Just stop making songs up about guys cos it will rebound on you sometime!

How funny was the Ashlee Simpson debacle! She lip synced on Snl as her backing tape sung Pieces of me intro instead of Shadows think and she blamed the band how retarted haha.. and even worse was Jude Law was the guest host!

I swear last night I dreamed of Joel from GC!! I was at a concert with my sis and Paris LOL and we were on the upper level, and we moved forward and bumped into him!

Ooh tonight is some good shows!- Apprentice they do a challenge at Las Vegas!, also Getaway special in USA! My adopted hometown.. and Andy Dicks the Assistant.. and Inside Idol.. Kath and Kim and Simple Life II!! Well most of them clash of course, but will try and watch some..

Today on Oprah Barry Manilow was on! I thought he was soo cool have to get his songs now! And hes a bit of a spunk I think! I Love his hair with his funky highlights..

Apprentice is back! Such a great show.. Andy Dick's show The Assistant is on MTv also.. Its soo sad.. I can no longer add more nice photos as my photobucket account is over limit! I thought it was unlimited but no its only 25 mgs! So why am I over at 75? wtf.. Oh wells.. So until I can find a new photo server cant add new pics!! So only Actors page is done! :(

I am obsessed with the Camp film!! I love Vlad! ( Daniel Letterle.. )

Got some great cds: Time to add them on blueyipod!

- Camp Soundtrack! ( Ohh Daniel.. )
- Yellowcard! ( Ohh Ryan.. ) I Love 'Ocean Avenue!'
- Hoobastank! ( Ohh Dougy.. )
- GC- Life & Death! ( Ohh Joely.. )

Saw some cool films- Open Water, Shattered Glass ( Hayden!), Identity ( John Cusack!), Paparazzi and 13..

Anyways am soo excited, watched the rest of OC!! ssh its a secret how ;) but I have my connections..

Anyways, congrats to Tiger Woods who married his gorgeous Swedish fiancee! Also congrats to my couz also who is finally engaged!!! Am I gonna be bridesmaid?? ;)..And Delta's going to have her own lingerie label? Ooh!! Good for her! Saw some cool films- Dodgeball ( a bit dodgy ), The Notebook! ( v. emotional!), Little Black Book with Brittany Murphy, And gorgeous Ron Livingston ( Burger on Satc V, will have to add him later)...

Got some great music vids:
-GC- Predictable ( Joel is soo HOTT!! Reminds me of that cartoon group Gorillaz?)
- Hilary Duffs vids
- Maroon 5
- Britney Spears- Federlines vids
- Beyonce sexii Knowles vids
- Yellowcard, Jason Mraz,

And some great new songs!!
- Billy Crawford- Bright Lights
- Delta Goodrem- Out of the Blue
- Guy Sebastian- Out with my baby
- Hoobastank- Same Direction
- Maroon 5- She will be Loved
- Rob Mills- Every Single Day
- Selwyn- Boomin'
- Usher & Alicia Keys- My Boo

Ps- No offence but soo confusing how Americans write the date in this format: mm/dd/year WTF!! Philippines of course thinks its America, which is a good thing ! Just annoyed me when having to write the dates on immigration forms, purchases.. Funny also about their spellings: colour/ color etc..


Jimmy Fallon was on Jay Leno! He is soo fukn HOTT!!! Want him soo bad LOL.. Finally watched Simple Life II its so funny, Luv Paris and Nicole.. As if it's not staged though geez.. Uploaded all new pages.. Oh Yeah Im obsessed with Oprah! I Love her show honestly it's so great, I learn something every day.. She's so inspiring, but she makes me cry! All her stories touch my heart in some way.. Love you Oprah! How cool when she gave the whole audience a neu car!

Cannot stand Emelia and Casey from Idol. Honestly Casey lives in a bin doesn't she so trashy? Hope one of them goes!

*Cool songs- Dandy Warhols- 'We used to be friends' ( from OC hehe), Josh Groban- 'You raise me up' ( as discovered from Daniel Idol singing it) ..Jason Mraz- 'You & I both' ( founded him today on music max- will add him! HOTT ) R Kelly- 'Happy People', Simple Plan- 'Addicted', Christina Milian- 'Whatever you want', 213- Groupie Love ( Snoop ), Janet Jackson- 'Don't Stop'..


Yayy can watch Passions again! I luv that soapie. Missed loads of storylines, but the main ones are still the same.. I wonder if Justin Hartley's in it yet?? Was so sad how Angie left in Idol last Sunday. She is soo great- wtf is Emelia still in it? I think she should sacrifice her place as she is utter crap! ... I like Daniel also now he was quite nice once he fixed his hair. Omg I am soo dumb, I thought I taped Simple Life II premiere but I accidently taped Idol!! Derr! I am like soo pist off!! It's so slack, all my shows are clashing now- OC/CSI, Oz Idol/ Simple Life II.. OC is on Monday also now!! How great was the last episode! But I think 10 is gonna be sneaky and put in with SATC's timeslot!! How rude..

Hurrah finally Spring!! Ooh Colin Farrel and Jen Garner?? What happened to Michael Vartan? hmmz French.. how funny Tara Reid & Lindsay Lohan are fighting over Paris geez. Aah wat a shame Adrian didnt make it in Idol!! Happy for Marty and Anthony.. hmm not sure about Emelia.. Oh wish can get tix for the live shows! Was so awesome last year, went on the last live one with Guy and Shannon! Anyways, Ooh Mtv vmas were on in Miami.. everyone was wearing white- Miami Vice style haha.. Doug Robb wasnt a great performance in 'The Reason' though..

Saw some cool films- 'Under the Tuscan Sun', 'Runaway Jury' and French flick 'Swimming Pool'. .

Mega movie marathon wkd! Finally saw Spiderman II ( James Franco!), Shrek II ( LOVE Puss in boots!) and Matchstick Men.. I Love when Puss does that baby face!

Timbers and Cameron Diaz are getting married.. watched Mtv Japan awards, no offence but was a bit budget? was only on for an hour wtf? But sexii Joely from Good Charlotte and a buffed Pharrel performed yayy...

Saw Ella Enchanted and 'The Day after Tomorrow' finally.. Jake Gyllenhaal is now my latest Love.. How sexy was he!?

Congrats to Nic Cage & his new Asian wifey.. Ooh another cute EA baby maybe?!! Ohh my Love Lee has a new gf, a model called Emma.. She is HOTT!! Ohh soo jealous though *cry* Nice to see not another blonde for once..

In Love with Andrew Firestone!! He is soo HOTT.. Never watched The Bachelor, but oh wells.. Loving Club V channel, mad music videos all day long. Hurrah Rachel Stevens is Number 2 in UK with 'Some Girls!'

Forget Ethan & Theresa, Congrats to my idol Lindsay Korman ( Theresa on Passions) who married Sexy actor Justin Hartley ( Nick Fox- also on Passions!) on May 1st .. and had their baby Isabella on July 3rd!! Justin sort of looks like the blonde one on High5 LOL..

! How could the HOTT Greek guy Don leave Oz Idol! Ok maybe he should have joined supermodel. Also the hott Islander Craig Wing lookalike.. cant wait to register for the shows, hope I get some tix!!

*cool songs- Cassidy ( hott) & R Kelly- Hotel
Freestylers- Push up
Paulini- Angel eyes
Joe & G Unit- Ride wid me
D12- How come


Im going to cry.. Jamie Cullum tickets were sold out!.. Hate it how all the A Listers will get in for sure.. Oh wells doesn't matter cos Hilary Duff is hopefully touring this year! cannot wait, my sis and I Love her! Will take younger couz as an excuse hehe.. New Show- Tru Calling! Eliza Dushku is just so beautiful isnt she. I Like her brother Harrison ( Shawn Reaves) think have to add him to my list later hmmz.

New Eye candy- Doug Robb- Hoobastank.. Anyways, BLUDY LOVE THE OC!!! The best show to come out to OZ in a longgg time! How hott is Benjamin McKenzie,, like Mischa and Rachel also.. Cant wait for next week! Wtf is Britney doing? Cmon Brits! You can do soo much better.. hes just after ur millions.. Why doesnt she get back with Timbers? They were a cute couple. Sorry Cameron, but get a guy YOUR age! Hope also Mary kate Olsen gets better, as suffering anorexia huh.. you'd think with their billions they would afford food huh? My cousin was born on the exact same day as them how funny. And my other couz was born on the same day as Eddie Furlong ( T2).. Omg saw MEAN GIRLS!!! It is soo excellent! All the plastics were so hott..- Rachel McAdams, Lacey Charbet esp! Lindsay Lohan and the new blonde chick. Great film!

Congrats to Liv Tyler who is pregnant! And to J-Ho who recently married Marc ergh Anthony.. Is she preggers?? Saw Harry Potter III bludy excellent.. have to like that Draco Malfoy boy he is quite fine.. but hes only 14? Doh. And Harry was quite nice too. Sorry Ron but ur a bloodnut haha ( thanks Rosso).. But was cool, liked all the time travel stuff at the end. Didn't get to see Sherk II though, was so buggered from Timbers concert night before..

Ohh wasnt that good! Sorry Timbers, but was quite boring really.. Would have liked if he did a Madison Square type concert like the NSA tour ( Nsync true fans will know!).. Loved 'Take it from here' and 'Senorita' though..And of course we knew the song was 'Gone!' We sat so would not have to stand for 3 hrs, but was freekin far! Am soo blind, couldnt even see him with my glasses on... But cool Cameron Diaz was in the sidelines dancing.. Can't wait, Mean Girls comes out this week! And Spiderman next week.. Is a good month for films yeh as Summer in USA now?... Also bought Ps2 Singstar! Its soo mad, karaoke style! Has all the top hits like Jamelia- Superstar, Blue- One Love, The Darkness- I believe in a thing called Love.. How funny my 8 yr old couz can beat me in Avril's Complicated. Dammit tix for Jamie Cullum sold out!!! No one would go with me :(( Would have been well cool..

Love the OC!! Just started the other night.. Gonna be a great show! Love Ryan- Ben McKenzie.. He is fukn HOTT... but that Seth guy is a bit dorky?? Wat else.. Still Love my fiance Eric Szmanda ;) aka Greg Saunders in CSI.. wasnt he soo cute in last weeks episode? About the braces haha.. And my other Love Lee Ryan from Blue- Had to buy The Guilty Tour finally... will watch this wkd- and also Bublés ' Totally Blonde' music dvd. Can't get the movie here somehow? Cant even get Eric's dodgy 'True Vinyl' film, with the blonde bitchy cheerleader in 'Bring it on II' haha.. ciao bellas! Until I remember next update!

* Loving Sarah Connor- Bounce, Hoobastank- The Reason, Phantom Planet- California ( OC Theme derr), Blazin' Squad- Flip Reverse (ooh Krazie), Black Eye Peas- Lets get retarded ( started), Frankee- FURB!!, Jet- Look wat youve done, JWess- Luv ya, JKwon- Tipsy!, Beyoncé - Naughty Girl, Eminem- My Band!, Lemar- Dance the night, Usher- Burn, Linkin Park- All their Meteora songs

Australia's Jennifer Hawkins won Miss Universe hurrah!! Finally.. Julia Robert's is pregnant with twins.. I'm going to Timbers concert in 2 weeks! Found out Jamie Cullum is coming here.. hmmz have to find someone to go with me as in dodgy area.. getting cable modem think! Will wait when get tax return hehe.. freeking cold again damn you winter!!.. Saw Britney's true !E story was v. good.. When is Blue touring Sydney? We STILL have not had 'Breathe easy' released here.. all hope lost for 'Bubblin' then.. Cool performance on Totp though.. Oh Lee.. Fave shows are still not on with new episodes.. Apprentice will have to do for now quite like that show.. The Trump..


Saw ' Dreamcatcher' wtf is that? Tremors part IV?... Love Beyoncé right now after seeing her 'It's good to be' on !E.. Bought Chingy & Kelis album.. Lovin that Frankee 'F.U' back song.. wayy better than Eamon version.. Soo pist that new CSI , SATC and FRIENDS are NOT! on grr hate Channel 9 the bas&((s!

Honesty wtf is the name APPLE?? For Gwyneths baby!! Fixed up I frames again freekin annoying..

Last night I had these funny celeb dreams. The first I dreamed of Merlin from BBIII, that he was standing next to me in front of my couch and kissed me on the cheek. WTF I don't even watch this piece of crap ( and I despise that Gretel..) I then dreamed of my Love Greg from CSI, that we were on a date and looking down at something from a railing. Hmmz does this mean my sub concious is telling me that I will meet them one day harhar .. as they say ' in your dreams'. But totally in Love with Greg now of course after last nights CSI hehe

Saw 'Dirty Dancing II- Havana Nights' and am totally in Love with Diego Luna!! Couldn't stop drooling over him.. I thought it was pretty good as a prequal.. and how funny is Patrick Swayze.. Also saw 'Secret Window' with Johnny Depp, although was a 'Charmed' ending... Now have to read the book.

17/05/04 - Hurrah finally got Foxtel Digital with !E..

 08/ 05/04- 'Happy Mother's Day!'

'The Apprentice' finally started in Oz.. geez we are like a BIT behind.. Yeah I really like it. How NICE is Trump's Apt! I like that Jason guy but know he's going out, and who's going to win already ( thanks !E News haha )


23/04/04 -  Saw my new Love Michael Bublé in concert at Opera House! He was so amazing and charming.. and even more gorgeous in real life!